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Exam proctoring uses online invigilation systems and various devices, such as webcams, microphones, and others, to administer timed exams. The entire process of assessment takes place online, from invigilation to reporting. The examiner can monitor each candidate regardless of where they appear. Proctors are responsible for monitoring the examinee from a remote location. As well as checking the surrounding areas, he also observes all the activities of the test giver. Today, proctoring is an essential aspect of testing. With the rise of e-learning, education is undergoing a significant transformation. Proctored online exam help are now widely used for conducting safe and cheat-free online exams by various educational institutions and companies. Students, however, sometimes do need help with proctoring exams due to their workload or hectic schedules. Takeonlineexamhelp.com has the best experts on board who take proctor exams for the students and guarantee outstanding grades. They have a strict policy on plagiarism and ensure that the experts know how to handle the exams. Software for proctoring exams has extended its reach across the globe and allows examinations to be proctor from remote areas. Online remote proctoring comes in three forms. These include recording, auto-proctoring, and live proctoring. The tests are conducted authentically after proper verification of the candidates. Online proctoring has the following advantages:

Enhances Access to Education

All education, even international education, can be made more accessible. Now, students can study from any location around the world. The location and time are flexible. Students can learn via a virtual learning system and e-learning courses. Online exams are available for almost all courses. Likewise, examiners can take the exam from anywhere and anytime, and candidates can appear from anywhere and anytime.  

It is not Possible to Browse Anything Else

In addition to the examination window, the candidate may try to open other windows simultaneously. Utilizing proctor exam software could eliminate such a problem, and the candidate could not open any different browser or window during the test.

Suitable for Both Examiners and Examinees

Both examinees and examiners can use the proctoring software. It is possible to conduct the test from a distance. The invigilator can be anywhere. Physical testing centers are not necessary in this case. Test takers can appear anywhere and anytime. It is suitable for students local to the area and those living far away.

You Can Take Any Exam With It 

Proctor exam software are suitable for taking any test. All tests are supervised here, including aptitude tests, essay tests, objective tests, and subjective tests. There is also the capability of conducting digital tests here. Both the examiner and examinee receive a report following the exam.

Disable all Sharing Options

Using such proctor exam software makes it impossible for the individual to share any information during the examination. The program disables browsers and new tabs, search engines and websites, screen sharing, external ports and printing, data sharing and cut, copy and paste. During the exam, the candidate cannot share or transfer information.

Keeping Information Secure

Candidates must enter certain information to authenticate themselves before taking the exam. It is stored in the system to retrieve it whenever you need it. A variety of encryption technologies and systems are employed to protect this information.

Live Invigilation and Manual Invigilation

In addition to manual invigilation, the software also offers live invigilation of test-takers. The proctor can view the venue for the test in 360 degrees. In an exam disturbance, they can detect it and disable the candidates’ exams if they cheat or behave inappropriately.

Maintain a Safe Environment During Examinations

The proctor ensures a safe environment without any discrepancies by invigilating the examination. It prevents cheating. The proctors monitor the activities of the students remotely. In today’s online education and training world, this method is more conclusive than other methods when conducting exams. It ensures exams are adequately conducted and efficiently conducted.

There are three Ways to Authenticate Students

A proctor verifies the authenticity of a candidate taking the exam. Several checks are made to verify identity. Candidates must register first, upload their identification proofs, and take a picture of themselves while sitting for the exam in real-time. Furthermore, remote proctoring keeps an eye on the surroundings of the test takers and makes sure that no one can cheat or get an unfair advantage during the exam.

Suitable for a Wide Variety of Exams

There are many kinds of tests or exams that use it. Several aptitude tests can be used, such as essay tests, objective tests, and subjective tests. They are also helpful for conducting digital tests. Students should keep their audio and video on during the test to prevent cheating. Proctors can easily oversee these students and keep a complete watch on them. The Proctors can notice any suspicious activity quickly. In this way, they ensure exams are free of cheating. Education institutions and students can take advantage of online proctoring. Content fraud and cheating can be a problem. These proctor exam software programs have made conducting and evaluating exams easier. Artificial intelligence (AI) and human mind proctoring have made it possible for institutes to work exams safely and efficiently. These applications allow institutions to conduct exams in a hassle-free manner. Thus, as the new learning methods gradually take over and e-learning becomes a big part of educational institutions, proctoring will also become increasingly crucial. In addition to having a high-efficiency level, proctor exam software also increases productivity.

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May 11, 2022
Education Online Exams


As a result of the current global health crisis, companies and colleges use online assessment tools and remote proctoring. We have seen an increase in the demand for remote proctoring services during the past year. We are living in the age of e-learning. The global e-learning market may reach $325 billion by 2025. As e-learning proliferates, various technologies are needed to support it. The virtual proctoring space is gaining popularity. If it wasn’t for e-learning, online video proctoring might not have taken off. However, given the stakes for online course programs, there is a significant demand for such services. Have you considered taking online proctored tests instead of classroom exams? Many students now consider it and hire experts and ask them to take my proctored exam for me. Experts at takeonlineexamhelp.com are experts in taking proctored exams and guarantee outstanding grades.

  • (Proctored testing is an authenticating process in which a proctor is present during the test duration to ensure the test taker is not cheating.
  • Proctors are highly trained and qualified experts to conduct students’ authentication and prevent them from cheating.)

Remote Proctoring: What is it?

The remote proctoring method lets students write a test online in a remote location while maintaining test integrity. Video surveillance is used to monitor students’ actions and verify their identities. Any abnormal behavior is then flagged based on the video. Online tests have been available for the last 20 years in different formats. Online tests are most commonly objective.  It assesses a candidate’s subject knowledge, learning ability, or behavioral profile.  

Can online tests be proctored, or do offline tests without proctoring pose difficulties?

  • Due to the travel ban and lockdown in multiple countries in the current global landscape, there is a shortage of testing centers and proctors, which leads to longer testing hours.
  • Providing nearby proctored test centers can be challenging for most organizations administering any test.
  • Finding a qualified proctor is complex, and it’s hard to ensure the quality of the proctoring. There is no way to cross-check the proctor’s performance
  • People often impersonate and cheat in online tests without a proctor. They either do it themselves or get another person to do it. Cheating techniques include looking up answers online, using smartphones to find answers, or asking someone for help.

Online Exam Proctoring: What is it?

Proctoring an online exam or an online video test involves monitoring a candidate during the test.  You will need a webcam, mic, and access to the candidate’s screen. Candidates wishing to take an online proctored test from a remote location must provide:
  • You’ll need a suitable device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone).
  • A high-speed Internet connection (minimum 256kbps).
  • Access to a microphone and webcam.
  • Browsers capable of running on PCs and laptops.

Proctoring is categorized into three categories:

1. Proctoring online in real-time

Proctors monitor candidates, audio-video, and screen-share feeds in real-time during a live proctored test. There will typically be people in a remote location ensuring accurate student identification and preventing or flagging cheating. Proctors can monitor 16/32 candidates at the same time. Proctoring with this model eliminates the location constraint. It is still necessary to schedule the exams, and an equal amount of human involvement is required. Besides being one of the most expensive options, it is not very scalable. It is even possible to test takers and proctors to be thousands of miles away. Takeonlineexamhelp.com is one of the leading companies performing proctoring services. 2. Recorded Proctoring A proctor does not monitor the feed in real-time in this method. As a result, the test candidates’ audio-video and screen share feeds are recorded during the test. An analyst plays back these recordings at 3X to 20X speed and flags any suspicious activity. There are no restrictions on schedules or locations. However, the review must still perform the inspection, so it is not very scalable. 3. The Advanced Automatic Proctoring System It is the modern form of proctoring. The audio-video and screen-sharing feeds are recorded while the test is conducted. In addition to recording, the system also monitors video and audio streams for any suspicious activity. It ensures that the candidate pays attention to the test screen. Light is sufficient in the room, and the test is red-flagged for any suspicious objects or background noise in the video. Facial recognition is also used to authenticate students. In addition to eliminating schedule constraints, it also eliminates location constraints. Moreover, it does not require humans to conduct the review, making it more scalable and affordable.

Online proctoring’s growth is driven by what factors?

According to a study conducted by Learning Light, remote proctoring has grown rapidly over the past few years. Here are some of the benefits:
  • Growing e-learning demand
  • Proctored testing is no longer as expensive
  • Learners can save time and money
  • It isn’t easy to administer exam conditions in computer labs or in infrastructure
  • In apprenticeships, students engage in work and classroom lessons that align with organizational needs.
Across the globe, online proctoring is becoming increasingly popular as more and more institutions choose to digitize various processes.

Is Online Exam Proctoring available to everyone?

  1. Organizations that provide assessments
If Assessment Providers provide ready-made assessments to their clients or provide test engines, they can leverage proctoring for the following benefits:
  • Make assessments more affordable and faster by becoming a valuable partner.
  • Create revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Provide clients with access to tests on-demand at any time, from anywhere
  • Remote proctoring enables a business to go global
Recruitment, college admission tests, certifications, promotions, and so on can all be used in various ways.

 Universities and MOOCs provide online education. 

Schools, MOOCs, and providers of online education face the challenge of verifying the quality and validity of their online programs. Cheating and student authentication are the two main concerns of customers. Proctoring solutions have proven essential tools in online education to verify students’ identities.  Monitoring student performance and ensuring that exams are taken without cheating.

Certification Agencies – Oracle, Microsoft, etc.

Online proctoring is used by certifying agencies for the following reasons:
  • Students can complete certifications from the comfort of their own homes, allowing them to grow their business
  • Reducing certification costs by eliminating the need for proctored tests will make you more competitive
  • Developing new geographies and new niches with lower ARPU will expand your market
  • Keep audit records for on-demand audit
Many organizations offer online videos proctoring, such as Microsoft and Salesforce.

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April 29, 2022
How To Live A Stress-Free College Life As A Student?

How To Live A Stress-Free College Life As A Student?

Everybody faces daily struggles, difficulties related to their responsibilities, and stress. However, a student faces all of these things as well as the academic burden too. If you’re a college student, you know the troubles already. The life of a college student is very troublesome and filled with puzzling difficulties. One must have to be patient. Therefore, if your responsibilities or any other thing is giving you stress and due to it you are not able to submit your paperwork before the deadline and start asking yourself if there is any help available for online exam takers, yes there are many services available on the internet where you can get help. Besides, if you rush for something to achieve it in a particular limited time, you will end up gaining stress and anxiety. Everything needs adequate time and effort to get done in an appropriate manner. So there are some tactics you should be following to get good grades and stress-less college life. Furthermore, when we jump into college life and experience it for the first time, we set our objectives and goals to achieve good grades through it to impress our parents and teachers. But, the journey of college life is very troublesome yet enjoyable, and you’ll experience many downfalls in it. Moreover, scholars sometimes exceed their limitations just to get good grades but they aren’t aware of the drawbacks of it. Many scholars ignore the indications of stress and anxiety at first and when it grows, then they find themselves in chaos. It is a very irresponsible thing, one must have to take care of everything. Remember, your health is everything, if you’re healthy you can do anything and everything peacefully. But a person with poor health or psychological disorders will face many troubles in doing various things. So keep your health maintained. The most important thing in this world for you is your health.


Thereafter, you shouldn’t allow anything to give you stress or anxiety. Your academic performance is totally based upon the calmness of your mind. We all know that college life is very intimidating and troublesome, 24 hours feels like nothing. online class takers, the ones who are studying at an online platform reportedly feel stress at the same level as an adult. This indicates that their life is kind of a mess and they are facing a lot of stress day after day. This amount of stress can harm your mind, happiness, sleep, grades and can lead you to even a worse conditions. Thus, in order to lessen your stress and anxieties, there are some particular tactics through which you can scale back your stress level. The less stress you’ll have, the more productive you’ll become. So, if you want to live a stress-free college life, here are some tactics you must follow to go through.

Time Management

You can kill half of your stress just by managing your time appropriately. It is a very essential way to handle difficult tasks in a bound routine. One must have to master this skill in order to succeed in life. Therefore, it’s not something that will solely help you in college life but it is an ability that you will find helpful for the rest of your life. So first, make a to-do list and prioritize your tasks appropriately. Moreover, in college life, you sometimes have to kill your fun to get good grades. I know it’s a difficult thing for a teenager, but believe me, you’ll find many benefits of it in the future. Thus, start saying no to unusual gatherings and activities and start working on your academic tasks ahead of their deadlines. If you do the pending tasks ahead of their due date, you will not cram up at the last instant. Completing a task at the last moment is really a stressful way to do it. So stay a bit ahead of time, and do your tasks when it’s the right time to do them.

Positive Thinking

Well, what gives us energy and willingness to do a difficult task is our mind. Sometimes, we fail at doing a particular task for the first time and we lose hope. That’s not okay, it is totally fine if things end like this. The first attempt is just a demo, you shouldn’t lose hope. Remember that, you will never find the true happiness of success if you never experienced failure. So be positive, think positive, as failure is a stairway to success. It’s usual to be upset over failures among online class takers, but never let those failures take over on you. It’s totally upon you, you can handle the situation under your hands or either you can let the sorrow of failure kill the happiness in your life. Don’t be afraid, think positive and learn from your failures.


Exercise and workouts help to scale back the stress level. Thus, daily exercises will lead you to a better sleep routine. Also, after getting an adequate amount of sleep, you’ll feel more energetic and calm. I’m not asking you to do exercises and workouts 6 hours in a day, no. Just barely devote perhaps 30 minutes of your day to exercise. If you follow this tactic each day, you’ll find improvement in yourself within just weeks. Academic scientists stated that the most frustrating region of an individual’s life is their college life. College life is filled with troublesome tasks, downfalls, failures, stresses, and anxieties, yet you can make this difficult time enjoyable just by obeying some particular tactics. So keep your mind and your body both active and fit. Although, many people believe that exercise is just a thing to maintain your physical appearance. But that’s not true, it also helps in scaling back your stress and anxieties, plus it will calm your mind and broaden your ability to think.

The Final Word:

Eventually, the journey of college is frightening unless you make it joyful for yourself. You have to fight your worries and fears in order to make your journey flourish. Basically, stress and anxiety affect our academic performance. The more you’ll take stress, the worse your educational outcomes will be. Stress can generally be created from anything, it doesn’t matter if it’s academic stress or not, it will cause harm to your health. So whenever you’re feeling stressed or something indicates stress, don’t ignore it and start dealing with it immediately. If a person ignores stress and keeps going, the stress and anxieties will grow up and then pop up later with various psychological disorders. Therefore, why not take care of your health in the first place. Though, many individuals are learning online and doing part-time jobs to survive. Due to that, they aren’t able to deal with their academic homework properly and it gives them stress and worries regarding their grades. Well, if you are among those online class takers who going through the same situation, don’t let the stress grow within you and hire an academic online service to get your educational homework done within due dates. However, if you manage your college life appropriately, you’ll never find such major stress issues. Besides, by obeying the tips above, you can scale back your academic stress and live a good joyful college life.

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March 29, 2022


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