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Pros and Cons Of E-Learning For College Students

Pros and Cons Of E-Learning For College Students

E-learning these days is in high demand. Online learning is presently beating every other form of learning and standard traditional learning hasn’t proved itself beneficial this year. After the occurrence of Covid-19, the whole education system has shifted from standard classrooms to online learning. Therefore, there are various benefits of E-learning for us, specifically for college scholars. However, everything contains some flaws too. Thus, many scholars don’t prefer online learning as they find themselves struggling while studying online. I am an online learner, at first when my online exams appeared, I was thinking too that how would I do my exam online as I haven’t done this before. But believe me, everything worked excellently as it wasn’t that difficult though. E-learning is continuously taking place over standard forms of learning. Here are some pros and cons of it through which we can better understand E-learning.

Pros of E-Learning

E-learning and online courses have proved themselves very beneficial for us, especially in 2020. Without E-learning, we wouldn’t be able to continue our studies in this epidemic. If you’re not aware of the pros of E-learning, here are some of them:


This is a major benefit and one of the most favored benefits that E-learning has offered to us. In comparison to standard classroom learning, E-learning is way more affordable. In online learning, you don’t have to pay for the bills of on-campus life. Plus, the material and conveyance we’re using on the campus. It is a pocket-friendly way of education. Particularly for the ones who are doing jobs in order to pursue their education further. Therefore, scholars don’t have the burden to pay for the conveyance and transport fees now as they can study from their home. Thus, it also reduces the expenses of books and course material. Plus the meals and drinks you need while studying on-campus. All we have to do in online learning is, pay for reliable internet service and get a laptop or a computer. Even a smartphone is compatible to get the lectures and live sessions. By enrolling yourself in E-learning, you can save many bucks for your hobbies and other particular things that you are wishing to purchase.


There are many fix and solutions available for scholars who do jobs and works part-time or full-time, but there’s no such solution more flexible for them but online learning. Therefore, in many courses on campus, there are evening sessions and weekend classes available for the ones who are working and studying simultaneously. But, you have to be in the class to attend them and that’s where the trouble begins. In E-learning, you have the opportunity to take the class or select a suitable class timing according to your work routine. If you’re a morning worker, then you can peacefully take your online class sessions in the evening. If you’re working in the evening or on the nights, then the morning is all yours.


Struggling to reach the campus? Or perhaps your disability isn’t allowing you to travel peacefully? Well, struggle no more. Online learning gives you the opportunity to study from wherever you want to, and whenever you want to. You just need a laptop or a computer, and reliable stable internet in order to participate in the online class sessions. Whether you’re working or dealing with any responsibilities, whenever you find yourself free you can watch a recorded lecture at that time. Therefore, even if you’re traveling to another place or city, or perhaps you’re on a vacation, just carry your laptop along. E-learning doesn’t need you to be in a particular space, you can study from the corner of the world too if you have an internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone.

Better Understanding

Many students can’t concentrate properly in a public environment where other scholars are present besides them. Some love to learn alone and some likes to learn and study in groups, nobody is the same. Thus, when you’re learning in a classroom you have many benefits. Such as, you can ask for sudden help from a classmate or your instructor. Also, you can get an answer regarding a typical query right at the moment. But, you can also do these things in online learning too. As in online learning, we have a chatting feature, forums, and Q/A options available to us. Additionally, you can’t ask your professors to explain the same thing more than twice, in case if you aren’t able to understand it. But in online classes, you can watch the lectures a thousand times if you want to, and can even rewind the live session to a certain point. Moreover, you’ll be able to ask for help from online services, if you find yourself asking how I’d do my exam online would. There are various services and uncountable forms of help available on the internet. By seeking help from online academic services, you’ll find online learning less difficult.

Cons of E-Learning

We all know that E-learning has proved itself very beneficial for us as it has uncountable benefits. But, there are many flaws of it too that you should know about before enrolling yourself. Many scholars who are learning online struggle with many issues, some of the cons of E-learning are:


In a standard classroom, you’re being motivated by your classmates and your instructors. Some scholars need someone to motivate them, to guide them on the right path. While on the other hand, some scholars don’t need such motivation as they can deal with nearly all circumstances on their own. It depends on our mentalities. Therefore, in online learning, there’s no one present to motivate you or to force you to do anything. You will feel like, there’s no pressure at my back to achieve an objective and in this way, you may not put your maximum efforts into your studies.


In a classroom, we have other mates and instructors to share our thoughts and problems. But when you’re learning online, it is just you in an empty room using your laptop and taking your class online. Thus, many scholars find themselves feeling lonely as they can’t share their ideas and issues with anyone at that moment. For sure there are forums and chat features available while taking your class but it will never feel the same. It may cause laziness too and you might fall asleep while taking an online class. Therefore, if you love to talk and interact with others, E-learning might be very difficult for you.


Technology might not be an issue for many scholars, but it can be for some. As nearly all E-learning programs and courses demand a good and stable internet connection and the latest operating system on your laptop and smartphone. Thus, for many scholars, it can be very challenging to get a high-speed stable internet connection, and also, some scholars might be living in an area where they can’t find a high-speed connection too. So if you try to get a high-speed internet connection and an appropriate device for a particular course, it may cost you out of your budget zone. Eventually, while there are many flaws and advantages of E-learning, it is still on top. There’s no other way to continue our studies right now except it. Therefore, E-learning will stay with us for a long time. It doesn’t matter if some scholars are facing issues while studying online or some might be thinking of how I would do my exam for me in this online environment, they all must have to adapt to the change. It is the new face of learning and we just have to accept it.

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March 29, 2022
Types Of Courses and Programs Offered by Stanford Online
Education Stanford University

Types Of Courses and Programs Offered by Stanford Online

Stanford Online is an initiative started by the infamous Stanford University. Stanford Online offers online courses and programs as a part of its distance learning initiative. This initiative allows students all over the world to take up free courses and even degree programs. The education provided to you through this platform is of the highest quality. The experts behind these courses and programs are instructors of the University. Other than just education degrees and certificates, you can also get professional certificates. Some of these courses are available on their site. While most of them are available on other online course-based websites such as Coursera and EdX.

Since the break out of Covid’19 online courses is all the hype. As people have ample time on their hands and not much to do. In this case, more and more people are rushing toward such platforms to take up online courses. This is a great way to utilize your time and not let Covid’19 put a damper on your year. If I were in your place I would definitely take my online class and add another feather to my cap. Moreover, Stanford is among the most reputable institutes out there. Receiving quality education from there can surely turn your life around.  For your ease, I’ll give you some insight as to what courses and programs you can take from Stanford Online.

Programs Offered In Stanford Online

The programs offered at Stanford Online are of different categories and nature. You can get a fully-fledged degree or custom programs that are based on the skills you can acquire. Here are the most prominent divisions that are available at Stanford Online.

Professional Education

Professional education is becoming more and more important if you want to excel in your career. Plus, to get a good high-paying job. The professional programs offered by Stanford online are designed to keep the prerequisites of your job in mind so that it is highly beneficial for you. Getting a certificate from Stanford and then including it in your CV can have a big impact. It will help your prospective employers differentiate you from the crowd. The learning module allows students to not only learn the theory-based concepts but also participate in hands-on activities that can significantly aid learning. These programs are often available for everyone but some students are asked to give an application that will ensure if they are capable enough to complete the program successfully. The programs are carried out through video lectures and other resource material. Students can also contact a teaching assistant if they have any questions. Students will also be regularly tested to keep them on track with their education. Once the course is completed students will either get a certificate as proof that they attended the course or they might even get the benefit of counting the program as credits for their higher education.

Graduate Education

Is corona hindering your higher education? Were you supposed to complete your graduate degree, or enroll in a college soon enough? Take up your education at Stanford. There are several graduate programs available for students. You can take admission and begin your online classes. If I were an undergraduate, I would’ve taken this opportunity to take my online class at Stanford. The mode of teaching used is either pre-recorded lectures or real-time classes. If you feel that you won’t be able to learn or address any queries that you might have then you are mistaken. Stanford has instructed instructors to stay online during office hours so that students can easily communicate with them. The medium of connecting can be video calling or chatting, whichever suits the students best.  If you are curious about the workload then let me inform you that you will have to spend around 8-10 hours weekly if you want to get done with your coursework on time. In addition, If you are able to complete all your courses and get good grades then you are eligible to get a certificate for your graduation. If you don’t get the complete degree, you might just get credit hours that you can include once you resume your degree.

Master’s Degrees

Want to complete your master’s or at least begin your education. Stanford online gives you the opportunity to take up a Master’s level program online. This is a part-time opportunity so many students can easily avail it. There will be no differences in the degree you earn as a part-timer and the degree a full-time residential student earns. Students have the choice to either enroll in a completely online degree or take some classes or courses physically. Once you have joined, you are allowed up to two times to shift from completely online to a hybrid model of classes. Just like other programs here also you will be able to take the classes through video calling or reading up on content already posted. If you don’t know which subject to decide on, you can take help from an advisor that you can find easily on their website.

Custom Programs

If you want a program that is tailored to your preferences then you can also contact Stanford and get a program that is designed according to your own specific needs. This program can either be online or on-campus as per your preference. Connect with the experts on their team and get a course that fits all your expectations. If I were to take my online class from Stanford, I would have definitely gone for the custom programs.

Courses Offered

If you don’t want a big commitment but a small course to pass your time, then getting enrolled in a course from Stanford is a good idea. Here is the major division online courses at Stanford are divided in:

Health & Medicine

The courses related to this genre are provided by the experts at Stanford School Of Medicine. If you are a medical student, taking these courses can add a lot worth to your resume as they are diverse and given by field experts.


For students of education or even for general students, Stanford online offers many different courses that can help alleviate your thinking and help you become better in many different aspects.


Diverse courses from all disciplines of Engineering are available at Stanford online. If you want to expand your knowledge then taking an online course from Stanford online is a great idea.

Arts & Humanities

Politics, music, and much more can be found at Stanford online. The domain of Arts & humanities is vast and can fit several subjects. Even if you have nothing to do with Arts and humanities, you can still enjoy these courses as they are interesting for all. Lastly, if you are still sitting on the fence about taking up an online course or program at Stanford, I suggest that you take some expert help. There are representatives that you can connect with easily and get to a decision as to what is best for you. But, whatever you do, do not waste your time. Idling around the house or scrolling on your phone for the whole day will get you nowhere. Therefore, it is better to further your education rather than waste your time.

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March 29, 2022
Assignment Education News


Isn’t it weird how your parents keep stressing that you need good grades? Have you ever wondered why your online class taker keeps telling you to investigate every possibility that can help you improve your assessment grade? Our online exam helper service can help at can help you, and your parents stay stress-free while we do it all for you. In the past, good academic scores have always been necessary to get into a good college and then move on to a promising career after graduation. But these days, things are different. However, grades are still necessary for admission to a reputable college or university, but good scores are not only enough nowadays. A new skill set is needed to succeed in the brave new world of the Information Age. Although your child may not enjoy taking tests at school, measuring comprehension is an essential part of the learning process. Most students dislike tests because they do poorly on them. Even though getting a low score is discouraging, it does not necessarily mean the student does not comprehend the material. It could simply mean that they do not adequately prepare for the exam. Sometimes, even top students have trouble with exams. Students can use practical strategies to ensure they do their best before and during a test.

Test Preparation

  • Preparation is key. It can be overwhelming and challenging to prepare for a test at the last minute, even though many students procrastinate. Students should begin studying and preparing for the big day at least one week beforehand. Instead of cramming everything into their heads at once, they can take on the material one little bit each day. Furthermore, students will feel much more confident and equipped if they take their time. It’s all about patience.
  • Organize tests in advance. Using the notes, assignments, and study guides your student has, consider having them create a homemade test. It doesn’t need to be lengthy or comprehensive, but it will help the child feel more confident. Even if you lack time to develop a paper test, you can quiz your child verbally. Make it fun by offering rewards such as a movie or game night if you get it right!
  • Ensure that your child utilizes every resource
A good starting point is to review the course notes. However, there are many other tools your child can use to study. Be sure your child has the necessary materials for the test. The teacher will probably provide review materials and study guides. For guidance, encourage your child to contact the teacher if they aren’t sure what resources to use.
  • Take a look at previous assignments and quizzes. Exam preparation is made much easier by rereading old assignments and quizzes. Some teachers use them as models for their examinations. You might be able to witness a “light bulb moment” when your child figures out the correct answer to a question they answered incorrectly. You can also prepare for tests by checking the teacher’s feedback on each assignment and quiz.

During the Test

  • Make sure you read carefully. Encourage your child to read each question carefully before responding. There are sometimes multiple parts and requirements that can confuse your child. Many students find it helpful to read the instructions aloud and number each task they are supposed to accomplish. You don’t have to rush unless the test has a timer.
  • Prepare a checklist. Students can self-monitor as they answer questions by having a checklist of test-taking tips at their fingertips. Additionally, it gives students a sense of independence and confidence. In the case of an essay question, your child can use a checklist to make sure they have answered all parts of the question, used proper punctuation, restated the question, and used as much detail as possible.
  • Be sure to double-check each response. Many students do not revisit their answers after completing a test due to the excitement associated with completing the test. Even though it may seem like a nuisance, it is exceptionally critical to verify that each question is answered completely and thoroughly. You should ensure that no answers are left blank. Despite not knowing the answer, attempting may earn partial credit since it is better than not trying.
  • See if you can find clues. If your child is unsure about a multiple-choice question, the correct choice can be chosen by ruling out blatantly wrong options. Your child can then select the answer that best matches their understanding. In addition, be sure to mention the point values. As an example, if the question states explicitly, “please select all that apply,” and it’s worth two points, it indicates that there are most likely only two correct responses.
While taking tests can be a bit nerve-wracking for students, they can confidently approach them with the proper preparation do my online class, guidance, and resources!

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March 8, 2022
What Does It Take To Get Into Stanford University?
Education Stanford University

What Does It Take To Get Into Stanford University?

Would you like to enroll in a Stanford University program? As one of the top 10 universities in the US, it receives many applications. Well, most of those applications never progress, so you should prepare yourself for success. You have plenty of options to elevate your application. You might imagine that with the university is known as the “West Coast Ivy League” or “Ivy of the West Coast,” its acceptance rate is somewhat low. Well, only 2,190 of 5,5471 applicants received an acceptance letter in 2021. Thus, last year’s official acceptance rate was just over 5%. The problem is that several other well-qualified individuals did not apply since they did not expect to be accepted. It is not our intention to provide an official forecast. Instead, we suggest that many students may be interested in attending Stanford, but only a tiny percentage will enroll. You may increase your chances if you know what the admissions committee looks for. has experts who take your test and guarantee admission at Stanford for students. Students are usually looking to pay experts to take my exam online for me to know that they will surely get into Stanford.

What are Stanford’s requirements for applicants?

Stanford has high standards for its students if they have low acceptance rates. How do they choose students? We’ll explain.

Having a high GPA

The average high school GPA for students applying to Stanford is 3.96. Around a third of Stanford students have a GPA of 3.75 to 3.99. Only around 3% of Stanford students graduated with a GPA below 3.75. If you have a GPA under 3.75, you will need to work harder on your application or start at a different school before applying.

College Essays for Professionals

Stanford takes essays seriously as part of the application process. If you are a skilled writer, this is your chance to shine. Candidates usually have to write three essays of 100 to 250 words each. As these are short essays, you must be clear, concise, and demonstrate why you belong at Stanford University.

Courses that are challenging

During the admissions process, the admission committee will consider your course difficulty. They will judge you better if you have taken more AP or honors classes. The Stanford University admissions committee wants to see students who show a willingness to challenge themselves while still succeeding.

Recommendations that are of high quality

The admissions committee will need to review your letters of recommendation to see how former teachers, mentors, and supervisors see you. Your chances will improve if you have more letters of higher quality.

Choosing the Right Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities can strengthen your application, whether volunteer work or membership in an honor society. These activities are even more valuable if relevant to your desired program.

Scores on the SAT/ACT

On average, Stanford students score between 1420 and 1550 on the SAT and between 31 and 35 on the ACT. Almost all Stanford University students score between 1400 and 1600 on their SAT or between 30 and 36 on their ACT.

Rank in the top tier

Stanford’s graduating class ranked 96% in the top 10%. Stanford’s admissions team considers this metric to be “very significant.” The university expects applicants from small schools with less than 100 students to rank higher than those from large schools. According to the admissions team, the factors listed above are most important. These are the ones they consider “very important” to their decision. A close decision can also be partial by less significant factors, such as:
  • Student of the first generation
  • College interview
  • Relationship with alumni
  • Racial/ethnic background
  • Experience as a volunteer or as a worker
When deciding, the admissions team does not consider religious preferences, home states, or interest levels.

How to Become a Stanford University Student

Even with outstanding grades and a flawless record, Stanford is not an easy admission. Everything depends on the admissions committee. You can, however, increase your chances of acceptance. Here’s how.

Enhance Your GPA

Obviously, before applying, you should improve your GPA. You might not be able to do this if you are in your senior year of high school. You still have plenty of time to make up for it if your GPA dropped during a few quarters as a sophomore or junior. Before applying, you should have a GPA above 3.96. If you can do that, do it for free. The admissions team will not even consider your application if you have a low GPA. Its is also vital that you take AP classes if you have the time. It should be no problem if your GPA is above 3.96. It may not be possible to boost your GPA or take higher-level pay someone to do my online class. If you are not accepted into Stanford, we recommend taking a year at another university and using it wisely to enhance your chances. It won’t affect the value of your degree if you graduate from Stanford in three instead of four years, so if there is a program you want to attend, don’t give up!

Spend some time away from school

Even if you’re still in high school, you have plenty of time to work on improving your application. It is wise to get a job in the field you want to study at Stanford, even if you need to work. In contrast, if you cannot find a paid job in your desired field, volunteer within it more frequently. There are volunteer opportunities in nearly every field, so look around in your area. You must also spend time outside of school if you want a GPA of 4.0. It could mean the difference between receiving an excellent grade and receiving a deduction. You can always do something if you’re serious about enrollment. Prepare for tests, find letters of recommendation, and continue the research you are doing now to improve your chances of admission! These two are the most important, but below are listed a few more factors that you might need to work hard on as well
  • Get ready for standardized tests.
  • Aim for high-level extracurricular achievements.
  • Make sure you work hard on your essay.

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February 25, 2022


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