How To Over Come Exam Anxiety In College?
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How To Over Come Exam Anxiety In College?

When the exams come near, many of us start wondering how we would deal with them. This situation is frightening and stresses many scholars as they aren’t able to prepare themselves for their upcoming exams. It doesn’t matter which subject you are studying. You will always try to revise through shortcuts and through ways that are easy to grab. When an exam pops up your head and you aren’t prepared for it, you will definitely go through the major core concepts of that exam to revise it quickly. Therefore, once we realize that we are not prepared for what’s coming next to us, we start worrying about it. Many of us are perhaps part-time workers. Several students are dealing with their family responsibilities so they can’t properly study for their exams. But for the ones who are struggling with the same issue, there are online exam help services available on the internet to help you go through your exams. Though, we shouldn’t be leaving everything to revise on the last days. You have to get yourself prepared for your exams earlier. I’m not saying to study 15 hours a day, but at least study a single topic per day in order to keep the things and concepts in your brain. However, here are some tactics to get rid of exam anxiety if you have any:

Make a Strategy

Without a good strategy, a whole month for revision is not enough. Rather than cramming up at the last instant, make yourself a plan for revision earlier before your exams due dates. You can’t revise everything on the last instant, but you’ll get your concepts clear if you break your revision process and focus on major concepts more. Therefore, it would be better if you study every day just half an hour, in this way you will never end up regretting about your revision. Remember that, don’t rush into the revision process without making an appropriate strategy, else you will end up making a mess in your brain. Moreover, one more thing you should be aware of is positive thinking. Everything you do from dieting and losing weight, to perform extraordinary well in order to get good grades, all things depend upon your mindset. If you make a positive mindset and believe in yourself that I can do this, you’ll surely be going to succeed in it. So never lose hope, even if there’s just one day left in your exam and you are fully unprepared for it. You can even revise more than your imagination in just one day if you stay strong and think positive. But, end time cramming will only give you panic attacks. So in my opinion, start studying and revision your course far earlier before the exams.

Lecture Slides and Previous Papers

You have to sum up everything that you’ve studied in your course. Therefore, lectures and previous papers are the most essential things for you right now to revise for your exams. There are many possibilities that the exam paper might be related to the previous papers and lecture slides that your instructor has given to you. Thus, when you realize what’s more likely to appear in the exam, highlight that topic and start making key notes regarding it. This is a very efficient way to revise, specifically if a topic is long. So ensure that you’re getting maximum benefits of lectures and past papers. Hence, an online exam help might not be your thing if you are well revised with everything. However, if you still need it, go for one as soon as possible.

Put Your Smartphone on Airplane Mode

Smartphone and any kind of entertaining gadget can distract our minds easily. Everybody knows how diverting smartphones can be. So whenever you’re going to start your study or revision session, I recommend that put your smartphone or any other gadget that may distract you aside. In this way, you’ll be able to concentrate solely on the revision process. Never let a phone call or a text from your friend divert your mind from your studies. Therefore, you can give yourself breaks after every 50 minutes you spent on your revision. In that break, you can use your phone or anything you want. But if you are willing to study or revise, then just do it solely and concentrate as much as you can to understand better.

Summarize the Data

Sum up everything that you have gathered to revise. You have to make points and write them down to a single page. Time is important if you’re running behind of time that means you shouldn’t be wasting it. All you have to do is, briefly read every topic of your course and after that, make major key points of them. After the next day morning before the exam, just go through the key points you made earlier and you will remember everything.

Eat Healthy Diet

This is the most important phase. Some might believe that revision or exam anxiety is not connected with diet, and think that it doesn’t make sense. But believe me, it matters a lot. It is scientifically proven that whatever you eat is affecting your mental and physical health. For an instance, such as tea or coffee in the morning is essential to make your brain work on its fullest. Therefore, in the time of revision session juices and fresh drinks works perfectly well on our body. It gives us energy and freshens our mind while oily and cheesy meals can have a lazy impact on our bodies. So evade taking oily meals, particularly in the morning and start drinking fresh juices. Also, seafood like grilled fish can be essentially beneficial.

Adequate Amount of Sleep

Many students study the whole night before the exam. Students think that they’re doing a good thing while awakening all night studying for their exam. But it is scientifically proved that if you don’t get an adequate amount of sleep, your brain will not work appropriately and you may end up catching a headache. As long as you don’t get enough sleep, your mind will never let you study or focus on a thing peacefully. Our body demands an eight-hour sleep a day, now think about it if you’re working or studying tirelessly a whole day and still you don’t give your brain sufficient sleep hours. What will happen next? You will find yourself puzzled and messed in the next morning will not be able to do anything at your full potential. Eventually, study, work, assessments, and exams, they all are very important for an individual but what’s more important than that? It is their health. So if you main good health both physically and mentally, you’ll never find yourself in trouble or anxious regarding anything. The first major thing to kill your exam anxiety and stress is to maintain your health appropriately. Therefore, if you’re worried about your exam such as how you’re going to prepare for it, don’t take the stress and hire online exam help services and discuss your issues with them. Taking stress regarding anything will only lead you to numerous health disorders. So instead, be calm and don’t worry. Follow these guides and tactics mentioned above and feel the change. If you follow these tactics stated above a bit earlier than your exams, you will surely get uncountable benefits from them.

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March 29, 2022


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