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There is a growing demand for online education around the world. Classrooms and blackboards are not the only places where education takes place. Technology has enabled education to reach you wherever you are. Nowadays, many educational institutes streamline processes like Admissions, Examinations, Fee Payments, etc., through technology to track them and streamline the process. A system for online examinations provides several benefits. There are several advantages to taking online examinations over paper tests that may persuade you to adopt this evaluation method. Online examinations may be convenient, but the online exam process can cause some severe hiccups for students. Many students fall victim to the testing pitfall because they are unfamiliar with the test guidelines and parameters. Students may be unprepared when the time comes for the test and confused about what to do. Test-taking success depends on the good organization. Don’t leave reading the instructions until the last minute. Be sure to study the material you will be tested on in advance and study some more if needed. However, be sure to read the instructions thoroughly. You can always ask an expert from to take my online test for you if you don’t understand or are not prepared for the online test. Instructors should also communicate thoroughly through the test module, through emails, or messages. Ask the instructor for an explanation if there is anything you do not understand. To summarize why online testing is more convenient, here are a few more points.

Cost-effective examinations

Approximately $100 to $150 per candidate is associated with online examinations due to their flexibility. In the meantime, for paper-based exams, the costs range from $250 to $500 per candidate As a result, online exams have become a more accessible, cheap option to administer testing & exams.

Simplification of vivas and oral exams

Large numbers of people can now take an oral or viva test simultaneously using the internet. It’s possible to record individual answers in the system and then review them later, so you don’t have to wait as long as with every other candidate. With an online viva assessment, you’re able to conduct thousands of exams at once in a secure environment

Supervision from a distance

It is possible to set up an Online Exam in a mode of automatic surveillance where an attached webcam would take snapshots of the student during the exam and act as a supervisor or invigilator, which is cost and time-efficient. So the system can track the student during the exam and ensure that the same one appears for the exam. In a paper-based test, a set number of invigilators are hired.

Generation of questions

A digital exam question paper can also reduce the chances of paper leakage since it is easier to design. Creating a paper-based exam is a difficult task. Logistics include manual question selection, designing and printing papers, and securely distributing question papers to exam centers across the country.

Managing exams in a flexible manner

A virtual exam allows you to design a paper, grade and evaluate it, and have the same or different questions for each student. Traditionally, a test has little flexibility, and last-minute changes or corrections aren’t possible.

A security policy for examination papers

The process of taking an online exam is flexible and secure. The system will be able to assign students a variety of questions in different orders once all the questions are uploaded. It will reduce cheating. However, a paper-based exam is not printable differently for each student, so malpractices are possible. Using an online exam system mitigates this risk by ensuring the paper cannot leak while being passed between different examination centers.

A quick way to process results

Online exams yield accurate results instantly. As a result, there are a lot of steps involved in a paper-based examination, which takes a long time to complete and is prone to human error.

Take examination centers out of the picture

Candidates can take an exam online regardless of where they are. A web camera and microphone are used for exam surveillance. Remote proctoring is one way to conduct an examination. Through remote exam administration, hundreds of thousands of students can participate in the test without paying for travel and accommodations. Furthermore, this allows scheduling exams to go to multiple testing centers, hiring invigilators, providing security at these testing centers, etc.

Cost reductions in logistics

The logistics cost of an online test is minimal. Exams are administered electronically. It is beneficial if you do the test at multiple locations for several candidates. You can process the results online and reduce logistic costs. The logistics costs of a paper-based test are high since several factors must be considered, such as the location of the test center, hiring of invigilators, etc. It is also essential to deliver question papers and answer sheets on time to test centers. The answers should be sent to a central location for further processing at all test centers.

Exams that are subject to subjectivity

It’s possible to write a subjective test online by using simple English and unique symbols/ diagrams, etc. You can conduct online subjective exams with facilities like speech to text and uploading diagrams drawn by students to answer exam questions. Students can log on independently to evaluate subjective answers.

Rankings based on results

Result analysis is easy and instant with an online exam. The online test can provide detailed analyses, rankings, and rations subject-by-topic.
  • This information helps shortlist.
  • It is a manual and very time-consuming process to process exam results traditionally.
Many examiners compile the final results. It results in errors as well.

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May 23, 2022


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