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Pros and Cons Of E-Learning For College Students

Pros and Cons Of E-Learning For College Students

E-learning these days is in high demand. Online learning is presently beating every other form of learning and standard traditional learning hasn’t proved itself beneficial this year. After the occurrence of Covid-19, the whole education system has shifted from standard classrooms to online learning. Therefore, there are various benefits of E-learning for us, specifically for college scholars. However, everything contains some flaws too. Thus, many scholars don’t prefer online learning as they find themselves struggling while studying online. I am an online learner, at first when my online exams appeared, I was thinking too that how would I do my exam online as I haven’t done this before. But believe me, everything worked excellently as it wasn’t that difficult though. E-learning is continuously taking place over standard forms of learning. Here are some pros and cons of it through which we can better understand E-learning.

Pros of E-Learning

E-learning and online courses have proved themselves very beneficial for us, especially in 2020. Without E-learning, we wouldn’t be able to continue our studies in this epidemic. If you’re not aware of the pros of E-learning, here are some of them:


This is a major benefit and one of the most favored benefits that E-learning has offered to us. In comparison to standard classroom learning, E-learning is way more affordable. In online learning, you don’t have to pay for the bills of on-campus life. Plus, the material and conveyance we’re using on the campus. It is a pocket-friendly way of education. Particularly for the ones who are doing jobs in order to pursue their education further. Therefore, scholars don’t have the burden to pay for the conveyance and transport fees now as they can study from their home. Thus, it also reduces the expenses of books and course material. Plus the meals and drinks you need while studying on-campus. All we have to do in online learning is, pay for reliable internet service and get a laptop or a computer. Even a smartphone is compatible to get the lectures and live sessions. By enrolling yourself in E-learning, you can save many bucks for your hobbies and other particular things that you are wishing to purchase.


There are many fix and solutions available for scholars who do jobs and works part-time or full-time, but there’s no such solution more flexible for them but online learning. Therefore, in many courses on campus, there are evening sessions and weekend classes available for the ones who are working and studying simultaneously. But, you have to be in the class to attend them and that’s where the trouble begins. In E-learning, you have the opportunity to take the class or select a suitable class timing according to your work routine. If you’re a morning worker, then you can peacefully take your online class sessions in the evening. If you’re working in the evening or on the nights, then the morning is all yours.


Struggling to reach the campus? Or perhaps your disability isn’t allowing you to travel peacefully? Well, struggle no more. Online learning gives you the opportunity to study from wherever you want to, and whenever you want to. You just need a laptop or a computer, and reliable stable internet in order to participate in the online class sessions. Whether you’re working or dealing with any responsibilities, whenever you find yourself free you can watch a recorded lecture at that time. Therefore, even if you’re traveling to another place or city, or perhaps you’re on a vacation, just carry your laptop along. E-learning doesn’t need you to be in a particular space, you can study from the corner of the world too if you have an internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone.

Better Understanding

Many students can’t concentrate properly in a public environment where other scholars are present besides them. Some love to learn alone and some likes to learn and study in groups, nobody is the same. Thus, when you’re learning in a classroom you have many benefits. Such as, you can ask for sudden help from a classmate or your instructor. Also, you can get an answer regarding a typical query right at the moment. But, you can also do these things in online learning too. As in online learning, we have a chatting feature, forums, and Q/A options available to us. Additionally, you can’t ask your professors to explain the same thing more than twice, in case if you aren’t able to understand it. But in online classes, you can watch the lectures a thousand times if you want to, and can even rewind the live session to a certain point. Moreover, you’ll be able to ask for help from online services, if you find yourself asking how I’d do my exam online would. There are various services and uncountable forms of help available on the internet. By seeking help from online academic services, you’ll find online learning less difficult.

Cons of E-Learning

We all know that E-learning has proved itself very beneficial for us as it has uncountable benefits. But, there are many flaws of it too that you should know about before enrolling yourself. Many scholars who are learning online struggle with many issues, some of the cons of E-learning are:


In a standard classroom, you’re being motivated by your classmates and your instructors. Some scholars need someone to motivate them, to guide them on the right path. While on the other hand, some scholars don’t need such motivation as they can deal with nearly all circumstances on their own. It depends on our mentalities. Therefore, in online learning, there’s no one present to motivate you or to force you to do anything. You will feel like, there’s no pressure at my back to achieve an objective and in this way, you may not put your maximum efforts into your studies.


In a classroom, we have other mates and instructors to share our thoughts and problems. But when you’re learning online, it is just you in an empty room using your laptop and taking your class online. Thus, many scholars find themselves feeling lonely as they can’t share their ideas and issues with anyone at that moment. For sure there are forums and chat features available while taking your class but it will never feel the same. It may cause laziness too and you might fall asleep while taking an online class. Therefore, if you love to talk and interact with others, E-learning might be very difficult for you.


Technology might not be an issue for many scholars, but it can be for some. As nearly all E-learning programs and courses demand a good and stable internet connection and the latest operating system on your laptop and smartphone. Thus, for many scholars, it can be very challenging to get a high-speed stable internet connection, and also, some scholars might be living in an area where they can’t find a high-speed connection too. So if you try to get a high-speed internet connection and an appropriate device for a particular course, it may cost you out of your budget zone. Eventually, while there are many flaws and advantages of E-learning, it is still on top. There’s no other way to continue our studies right now except it. Therefore, E-learning will stay with us for a long time. It doesn’t matter if some scholars are facing issues while studying online or some might be thinking of how I would do my exam for me in this online environment, they all must have to adapt to the change. It is the new face of learning and we just have to accept it.

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March 29, 2022


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