Terms & conditions

  • The Take Online Exam Help gets the team working on the new projects after 48 hours of the order placement.
  • Clients must bear in mind that orders placed on Fridays must be started worked on next working Monday. In case of any urgent or emergency order deliverance as promised by our account manager left, will only be delivered on weekends.
  • The Take Online Exam Help is only responsible for the grades that are completed by the company end or for projects that are promised by the company during order placement. We are not responsible to fulfil our grades guarantee for any overdue, delayed or previous projects.
  • We are not responsible for the content or any virus’s etcetera on sites that we may link to.
  • Clients can only claim for a refund once the teacher post final course results or grades. Moreover, change of mind is not applicable reason to claim for a refund.
  • The company solely refrain and detaches itself for any glitches or problems occur during PROCTORED Exams resulting in failure of the student.
  • During any complication from client’s end or PROCTORED EXAM, our company has the right to decline the ongoing proctored exam from mid-session without informing or clarifying any reason or answer.
  • The clients are responsible to arrange all the software and technical equipment required for our experts to take the PROCTORED EXAMS. The company has no intention of offering any equipment for free or arrange any software for exam under order.
  • The company is not liable to payback any amount in such cases, If the client fails to arrange any equipment or software required for PROCTORED EXAM

Disclaimer: Take Online Exam Help is the name of trustworthiness thus we hold the reputation of offering services under US policies. We are not involved in illegal exam proctoring and does not encourage our clients to commercial our material provided from the company’s end.

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