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There is a growing demand for online education around the world. Classrooms and blackboards are not the only places where education takes place. Technology has enabled education to reach you wherever you are. Nowadays, many educational institutes streamline processes like Admissions, Examinations, Fee Payments, etc., through technology to track them and streamline the process. A system for online examinations provides several benefits. There are several advantages to taking online examinations over paper tests that may persuade you to adopt this evaluation method. Online examinations may be convenient, but the online exam process can cause some severe hiccups for students. Many students fall victim to the testing pitfall because they are unfamiliar with the test guidelines and parameters. Students may be unprepared when the time comes for the test and confused about what to do. Test-taking success depends on the good organization. Don’t leave reading the instructions until the last minute. Be sure to study the material you will be tested on in advance and study some more if needed. However, be sure to read the instructions thoroughly. You can always ask an expert from takeonlineexamhelp.com to take my online test for you if you don’t understand or are not prepared for the online test. Instructors should also communicate thoroughly through the test module, through emails, or messages. Ask the instructor for an explanation if there is anything you do not understand. To summarize why online testing is more convenient, here are a few more points.

Cost-effective examinations

Approximately $100 to $150 per candidate is associated with online examinations due to their flexibility. In the meantime, for paper-based exams, the costs range from $250 to $500 per candidate As a result, online exams have become a more accessible, cheap option to administer testing & exams.

Simplification of vivas and oral exams

Large numbers of people can now take an oral or viva test simultaneously using the internet. It’s possible to record individual answers in the system and then review them later, so you don’t have to wait as long as with every other candidate. With an online viva assessment, you’re able to conduct thousands of exams at once in a secure environment

Supervision from a distance

It is possible to set up an Online Exam in a mode of automatic surveillance where an attached webcam would take snapshots of the student during the exam and act as a supervisor or invigilator, which is cost and time-efficient. So the system can track the student during the exam and ensure that the same one appears for the exam. In a paper-based test, a set number of invigilators are hired.

Generation of questions

A digital exam question paper can also reduce the chances of paper leakage since it is easier to design. Creating a paper-based exam is a difficult task. Logistics include manual question selection, designing and printing papers, and securely distributing question papers to exam centers across the country.

Managing exams in a flexible manner

A virtual exam allows you to design a paper, grade and evaluate it, and have the same or different questions for each student. Traditionally, a test has little flexibility, and last-minute changes or corrections aren’t possible.

A security policy for examination papers

The process of taking an online exam is flexible and secure. The system will be able to assign students a variety of questions in different orders once all the questions are uploaded. It will reduce cheating. However, a paper-based exam is not printable differently for each student, so malpractices are possible. Using an online exam system mitigates this risk by ensuring the paper cannot leak while being passed between different examination centers.

A quick way to process results

Online exams yield accurate results instantly. As a result, there are a lot of steps involved in a paper-based examination, which takes a long time to complete and is prone to human error.

Take examination centers out of the picture

Candidates can take an exam online regardless of where they are. A web camera and microphone are used for exam surveillance. Remote proctoring is one way to conduct an examination. Through remote exam administration, hundreds of thousands of students can participate in the test without paying for travel and accommodations. Furthermore, this allows scheduling exams to go to multiple testing centers, hiring invigilators, providing security at these testing centers, etc.

Cost reductions in logistics

The logistics cost of an online test is minimal. Exams are administered electronically. It is beneficial if you do the test at multiple locations for several candidates. You can process the results online and reduce logistic costs. The logistics costs of a paper-based test are high since several factors must be considered, such as the location of the test center, hiring of invigilators, etc. It is also essential to deliver question papers and answer sheets on time to test centers. The answers should be sent to a central location for further processing at all test centers.

Exams that are subject to subjectivity

It’s possible to write a subjective test online by using simple English and unique symbols/ diagrams, etc. You can conduct online subjective exams with facilities like speech to text and uploading diagrams drawn by students to answer exam questions. Students can log on independently to evaluate subjective answers.

Rankings based on results

Result analysis is easy and instant with an online exam. The online test can provide detailed analyses, rankings, and rations subject-by-topic.
  • This information helps shortlist.
  • It is a manual and very time-consuming process to process exam results traditionally.
Many examiners compile the final results. It results in errors as well.

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May 23, 2022
Education Online Exams


As a result of the current global health crisis, companies and colleges use online assessment tools and remote proctoring. We have seen an increase in the demand for remote proctoring services during the past year. We are living in the age of e-learning. The global e-learning market may reach $325 billion by 2025. As e-learning proliferates, various technologies are needed to support it. The virtual proctoring space is gaining popularity. If it wasn’t for e-learning, online video proctoring might not have taken off. However, given the stakes for online course programs, there is a significant demand for such services. Have you considered taking online proctored tests instead of classroom exams? Many students now consider it and hire experts and ask them to take my proctored exam for me. Experts at takeonlineexamhelp.com are experts in taking proctored exams and guarantee outstanding grades.

  • (Proctored testing is an authenticating process in which a proctor is present during the test duration to ensure the test taker is not cheating.
  • Proctors are highly trained and qualified experts to conduct students’ authentication and prevent them from cheating.)

Remote Proctoring: What is it?

The remote proctoring method lets students write a test online in a remote location while maintaining test integrity. Video surveillance is used to monitor students’ actions and verify their identities. Any abnormal behavior is then flagged based on the video. Online tests have been available for the last 20 years in different formats. Online tests are most commonly objective.  It assesses a candidate’s subject knowledge, learning ability, or behavioral profile.  

Can online tests be proctored, or do offline tests without proctoring pose difficulties?

  • Due to the travel ban and lockdown in multiple countries in the current global landscape, there is a shortage of testing centers and proctors, which leads to longer testing hours.
  • Providing nearby proctored test centers can be challenging for most organizations administering any test.
  • Finding a qualified proctor is complex, and it’s hard to ensure the quality of the proctoring. There is no way to cross-check the proctor’s performance
  • People often impersonate and cheat in online tests without a proctor. They either do it themselves or get another person to do it. Cheating techniques include looking up answers online, using smartphones to find answers, or asking someone for help.

Online Exam Proctoring: What is it?

Proctoring an online exam or an online video test involves monitoring a candidate during the test.  You will need a webcam, mic, and access to the candidate’s screen. Candidates wishing to take an online proctored test from a remote location must provide:
  • You’ll need a suitable device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone).
  • A high-speed Internet connection (minimum 256kbps).
  • Access to a microphone and webcam.
  • Browsers capable of running on PCs and laptops.

Proctoring is categorized into three categories:

1. Proctoring online in real-time

Proctors monitor candidates, audio-video, and screen-share feeds in real-time during a live proctored test. There will typically be people in a remote location ensuring accurate student identification and preventing or flagging cheating. Proctors can monitor 16/32 candidates at the same time. Proctoring with this model eliminates the location constraint. It is still necessary to schedule the exams, and an equal amount of human involvement is required. Besides being one of the most expensive options, it is not very scalable. It is even possible to test takers and proctors to be thousands of miles away. Takeonlineexamhelp.com is one of the leading companies performing proctoring services. 2. Recorded Proctoring A proctor does not monitor the feed in real-time in this method. As a result, the test candidates’ audio-video and screen share feeds are recorded during the test. An analyst plays back these recordings at 3X to 20X speed and flags any suspicious activity. There are no restrictions on schedules or locations. However, the review must still perform the inspection, so it is not very scalable. 3. The Advanced Automatic Proctoring System It is the modern form of proctoring. The audio-video and screen-sharing feeds are recorded while the test is conducted. In addition to recording, the system also monitors video and audio streams for any suspicious activity. It ensures that the candidate pays attention to the test screen. Light is sufficient in the room, and the test is red-flagged for any suspicious objects or background noise in the video. Facial recognition is also used to authenticate students. In addition to eliminating schedule constraints, it also eliminates location constraints. Moreover, it does not require humans to conduct the review, making it more scalable and affordable.

Online proctoring’s growth is driven by what factors?

According to a study conducted by Learning Light, remote proctoring has grown rapidly over the past few years. Here are some of the benefits:
  • Growing e-learning demand
  • Proctored testing is no longer as expensive
  • Learners can save time and money
  • It isn’t easy to administer exam conditions in computer labs or in infrastructure
  • In apprenticeships, students engage in work and classroom lessons that align with organizational needs.
Across the globe, online proctoring is becoming increasingly popular as more and more institutions choose to digitize various processes.

Is Online Exam Proctoring available to everyone?

  1. Organizations that provide assessments
If Assessment Providers provide ready-made assessments to their clients or provide test engines, they can leverage proctoring for the following benefits:
  • Make assessments more affordable and faster by becoming a valuable partner.
  • Create revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Provide clients with access to tests on-demand at any time, from anywhere
  • Remote proctoring enables a business to go global
Recruitment, college admission tests, certifications, promotions, and so on can all be used in various ways.

 Universities and MOOCs provide online education. 

Schools, MOOCs, and providers of online education face the challenge of verifying the quality and validity of their online programs. Cheating and student authentication are the two main concerns of customers. Proctoring solutions have proven essential tools in online education to verify students’ identities.  Monitoring student performance and ensuring that exams are taken without cheating.

Certification Agencies – Oracle, Microsoft, etc.

Online proctoring is used by certifying agencies for the following reasons:
  • Students can complete certifications from the comfort of their own homes, allowing them to grow their business
  • Reducing certification costs by eliminating the need for proctored tests will make you more competitive
  • Developing new geographies and new niches with lower ARPU will expand your market
  • Keep audit records for on-demand audit
Many organizations offer online videos proctoring, such as Microsoft and Salesforce.

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April 29, 2022
How To Teach Online: A Guide For Teachers
Education Online Exams

How To Teach Online: A Guide For Teachers

The occurrence of coronavirus led the whole planet to work from home. Everybody and every work that was once used to be in the office has converted into working from home. Therefore, some people get used to it while some aren’t able to deal with it. This is because they don’t know what exactly online working and learning is. Due to that, many people are facing various problems while working from home. Specifically, the teachers to teach online. Some teachers might think that how would I take my exam online that once I used to take in the classroom and many other queries are right now in their mind. Although, it is not easy to shift ourselves into an online and working from home routine. Many teachers presently don’t know how to teach online properly as nobody ever taught them before how to teach online. Also, we don’t know how long this online learning and teaching will last so that’s why we must learn an appropriate way to teach online.

Surity To Teach

Subsequently, many teachers currently are not sure about online teaching and asking for help. I have seen many of them struggling to teach online as well as I receive numerous queries on a daily basis about online teaching and how to teach it. I made this article just to let you know. How you can teach online appropriately? how you can utilize different platforms to convey your course to your students. Thus, the ways that I’m about to show you in this article are just a few. There are many excellent alternative ways available through which you can teach online.


Therefore, online teaching is basically the conveyance of knowledge and course material of teachers to their scholars online. An environment where you can deliver and teach your course to your scholars from anywhere to anytime. The time in which we are currently living is the most effective time. In this time we can utilize online learning and teaching to the fullest. The education sector is slowly converting itself into online learning and the demand for knowing how to teach online is rising day by day. Even after the novel coronavirus, I think many individuals will still opt to study online. So online learning is going to be with us for a very long time.

Need for Teachers:

Thereafter, online teaching might feel a bit weird or difficult for the ones who are used to teach in a classroom face to face. Even though some teachers are studying further to make themselves better, this new online environment made them puzzled. Many instructors are asking for help if there’s anybody who can take my exam for me. As they’re not able to deal with this online environment. But nothing is difficult if you follow an appropriate guide to do it. There are some things you need to know in order to teach online, you have to prepare for it. If you want to teach online, you will probably need a computer or a laptop, plus with a reliable internet connection. Also, you may need to learn basic computer knowledge and skills only if you don’t know about them yet. Additionally, there are various platforms through which you can teach online, some are free and in some, you have to pay. But, if you’re not willing to pay anything, you can still teach on free platforms and they are absolutely good. Therefore, many education institutions have their own LMS known as Learning Management System. It is much like the Blackboard education platform, you can continue to teach your students there too. But in case, if your school or institute doesn’t have an LMS, there are still a lot of options left for you. Here I’m going to mention some platforms where you can teach and interact with your students from home.


Skype is one of the most liked and old online learning platform. It’s totally free, and also nearly every single person in this world knows about Skype. It contains various unique features such as it is best known for its video-conferencing. It also offers screen sharing and audio calls too. Therefore, Skype has its own video/audio tester option. So if a person is not able to see or hear you, that person can easily check whether the fault is from their side or not just by using that option.


This is the best platform for screen sharing, no other platform gives you the same performance. On many other platforms, you might experience screen freezing while sharing your screen with others. This platform is specifically designed for this purpose. While sharing your screen using this platform, you will never get an issue regarding your screen freezing. One more unique feature of TeamViewer is that you can control your scholar’s system. It is if you want to fix a thing or in case if someone’s not able to set their computer on their own. No other platform will give you this feature to control another’s system. Additionally, you will tackle some situation in which you must have to control your scholar’s pc or laptop in order to teach them how things should be done appropriately. That’s why this platform is kind of the most interesting yet beneficial for online teaching.

Digital Pen

If you are a Maths teacher and teaching online on a platform such as a whiteboard or a Blackboard. You know how troublesome it is to write an equation through your mouse or touchpad. That’s where we can use a digital pen. So you can get a digital pen for yourself from a shop, or either buy it online. Almost every learning platform such as Blackboard and others supports digital pens. In conclusion, there are numerous things that are way different in online teaching than teaching in a classroom. But remember that, no matter what platform you’re using, whether you’re teaching online or in a classroom you are still a teacher and expert in your field. So don’t be afraid while teaching online, you still are a teacher and have the skills to do everything that you do in a standard classroom. So don’t worry about how I take my exam session online? how my students will attend those online exams? Just be yourself and get used to it.

Revolution Of Teaching

Eventually, technology and revolution are a good thing, we all should evolve time after time. But if something tackles us that is completely new to us, we will end up in panic attacks. Therefore, if you know a way to counter it, you will surely thrive in it. Everything and every problem have a solution. Although, if you’re still feeling like you can’t deal with this online teaching alone, you can hire a take my exam help service online. So don’t worry about this new environment, just follow these tips mentioned above and use these platforms to teach your students. You will learn everything time after time, you just have to put your efforts into it. Also, keep in contact with other teachers in order to acquire more information about online teaching and ask them how they conduct their classes. I hope you will learn many new things from other teachers too, never hesitate to ask for help.

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March 29, 2022


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